5 ways to live longer

Posted On: 13/04/16 4:00 AM

5 ways to live longer 5 ways to live longer…In Good health magazine May 2016, an article discussing Dr Sanjiv Chopra’s new book “the big 5”, explains how drinking coffee, keeping up Vitamin D levels, exercising, eating nuts and meditating are key to greater longevity and vitality. 1. Dr Chopra, professor of medicine and brother […]

Exercise pregnancy

Posted On: 6/02/16 12:07 AM

Exercise pregnancy Interesting article on advice for exercise pregnancy: “Should women exercise during and after pregnancy?” “In the absence of specific national recommendations for pregnancy and after giving birth, otherwise healthy women are advised to follow national physical activity recommendations for Australian adults. This includes accumulating 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. Any activities or […]

Getting back into running

Posted On: 5/02/15 12:21 AM

Getting back into running Getting back into running Injury Tip One – Increase Slowly: Many people get so excited by the warmer weather and impatient at their slow progress that they go from 3 months on the lounge to attempting a marathon in 4 weeks – this is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you increase […]

Functional Corrective Exercise

Posted On: 17/02/14 1:16 PM

Functional Corrective Exercise Functional Corrective Exercise       This is primarily a rehabilitation session aimed at increasing your body’s ability to move well. You may be recovering from a recent injury, or just wish to improve your body’s ability to move well, or be able to be ready for a new activity or sport. […]

Functional Training For Firemen

Posted On: 13/02/14 5:34 AM

Exercise: Functional vs. Specific for Firefighters 02/07/2014 Click here for link to original article By John Hofman What does “functional” actually mean? The word has become the new catchphrase in the fitness industry, and everyone is using it. Everywhere you look you see some fitness professionals using the term “functional” training or “functional”movement, and it […]

Golf Enhancement Session

Posted On: 10/02/14 1:14 PM

Golf Enhancement Golf Enhancement Getting back into the swing of golf this year? At Balance Osteopathy we offer Golf Enhancement sessions which focus on increasing mobility in areas where you may have an injury, restrictions or tightnesses that may affect your golf swing without you being aware of this. For example, ankle mobility issues may […]

Functional Bike Fit

Posted On: 5/02/14 10:30 AM

  Getting into riding or recently got a new bike for commuting or weekend blitz’s? Getting setup properly and ensuring you have adequate flexibility for the individual setup of your bike and the way you ride may help reduce the risk of discomfort or injury when you get cranking. At Balance Osteopathy, by using a […]

Functional training zones

Posted On: 22/05/13 6:14 PM

Functional training zones Functional training zones NEW YORK, May 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Town Sports International (TSI), owner and operator of New York,Boston, Philadelphia and Washington Sports Clubs, has announced plans to install dedicated functional training areas known as UXF Training Zones throughout their facilities. Marked by green turf floors, these UXF Training Zones feature equipment such as […]