Getting into riding or recently got a new bike for commuting or weekend blitz’s? Getting setup properly and ensuring you have adequate flexibility for the individual setup of your bike and the way you ride may help reduce the risk of discomfort or injury when you get cranking.

At Balance Osteopathy, by using a functional movement assessment we can determine if any tightnesses or restrictions in your body may be affecting your ability to ride well without you being aware of this. For example, a common presentation of tightness in the upper back can have an affect on other areas such as the low back (pain or stiffness may occur after a ride), or even just reducing your ability to effectively transfer power in to the pedals. You may be prescribed some simple mobility exercises to continue with at home to help your body adapt well to the task of cycling.

Equally, a poor bike setup relative to your body’s individual size, shape and any stiffnesses you may have can reduce your ability to ride comfortably and efficiently. We use video analysis to determine the most comfortable and effective setup for your bike.

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