Ben McChesney – Osteopath

Ben McChesney is Australian trained osteopath (RMIT 2002), and founder of Balance Osteopathy. His background in progressive, movement oriented, multidisciplinary clinics fostered a desire to custom a similar space in Melbourne.

Ben had 6 years in London, helping clients and athletes at Pure Sports Medicine, Harrods occupational health department and other clinics. He completed an MSc in sport and exercise rehabilitation at St Mary’s University, including an internship at Fulham Football Club.

A diploma of Applied Functional Science followed in 2010, learning functional assessment and rehabilitation from the Gray Institute in USA. Ben lectured in UK Osteopathic institutions integrating functional biomechanics and rehabilitation with Osteopathy and now Victoria University.

Balance Osteopathy‘s clinic enables seamless transition between movement assessment to table based osteopathic treatment. Assessment, treatment and rehabilitation’s tailored to your individual needs. Ben enjoys helping people, of any age or ability, out of discomfort, moving better, and back to what they enjoy.

Ben’s experience:

2022 Functional Nutrition

2019 Motivational Interviewing

2018 FNOR upper quarter musculoskeletal conditions.

2017 Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sports Performance, Greg Dea.

2015 Victoria University, Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (GCTE)

2014 Gray Institute: Nike Golf Performance Specialist (NG360)

2013 Gray Institute: Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)

2013 Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 2 (ASCA)

2012 Vic Uni lecturer Ergonomics, Exercise Rehabilitation, Clinic Tutor

2012 Elite Performance: Introduction to Strength & Conditioning

2012 Institute of Classical Osteopathy, Dorking UK: Introductory Course

2011 Michael Kane, London: Functional Orthoses

2010 Gray Institute, USA: Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS)

2009-2010 St Mary’s University, London, MSc Sport & Ex. Rehabilitation

2009-2010 Internship Fulham Football Club

2009 Gray Institute, London: Chain Reaction

2009 Faktr, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue

2009 Dr A. Campbell, London, Dry Needling

2008 Pegasus, London: Orthoses Prescription

2008-2012 London, Pure Sports Medicine

2008-2012 London, Harrods Occupational Health Department

2006-2011 Lecturing at British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM)

2006 HealthResponse UK: DSE, Manual Handling, Ergonomic Assessment

1998-2002 RMIT, Melbourne, (Osteopathy)

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