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Ergonomic workplace assessment

Posted On: 2/08/18 2:38 AM

Ergonomic workplace assessment Ergonomic workplace assessment… On the road today running ergonomic assessment. We discussed posture and movement advice at an IT consultancy group. #ergonomics #workplacewellness #deskfit #workstationassessment #osteopath #melbourne

Shoulder rehabilitation exercises

Posted On: 26/07/18 12:12 PM

Shoulder rehabilitation exercises Shoulder rehabilitation exercises can be helpful at improving shoulder range of motion and stability.       . .

PainCloud summit Norway

Posted On: 25/04/18 1:42 AM

  Sam Bombos, osteopath at Balance Osteopathy has zipped over to Oslo, Norway to learn more about pain from some leaders in the field at the recent PainCloud seminar. Here are some of her thoughts from the experience… “Fatigued, dazed and amazed; after over 25 hours of flying I was finally in Norway. Heading through […]

Osteopathy Awareness Week 2018

Posted On: 15/04/18 11:26 PM

Osteopathy Awareness Week 2018 Osteopathy Awareness Week 2018 This week is Osteopathy Awareness week. If you or someone you know is having difficulty with a musculoskeletal problem perhaps try Osteopathy to get you moving again. #OAW2018 “Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners and Australian government-registered allied health professionals who can help identify important types of dysfunction […]

Triathlon Rehab

Posted On: 14/02/18 1:11 AM

Triathlon Rehab At Balance Osteopathy we always enjoy working with triathlon rehab… After a great but grueling 3 lap ride session on the boulevard this morning Gary who trains with Davey Black Fitness Triathlon club putting in more work to recover, repair and get back into his running. All before a full days work. Always […]

Dr Ben McChesney – Osteopath

Posted On: 8/02/18 5:16 AM

osteopath ben Mcchesney

Dr Ben McChesney – (Osteopath) BSc. B.App. Sc. (Osteopathy), MSc. Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation, MAOA, FAFS Ben McChesney osteopath, is the founder of Balance Osteopathy. As an Australian trained Osteopath (RMIT 2002) with over 15 years experience, his past experiences within progressive, movement oriented, multidisciplinary clinics fostered a desire to custom a similar progressive space […]

Strongest woman event

Posted On: 24/01/18 7:22 AM

Strongest woman event Claire recently competed and got 6th place in the Victoria’s strongest woman event after starting training only in early 2017. We have been working to improve squat biomechanics. Great to see someone pushing their abilities and getting results. #faireffort #strongestwoman #osteopathy #functionalrehab “Featuring the strongest men & women in the country. Australia’s […]

Movement Observation

Posted On: 10/01/18 5:40 PM

Movement Observation Movement observation enables task specific analysis and rehabilitation that transfers more effectively in a meaningful way for the individual. At Balance Osteopathy we always are keen to observe the individual completing the activity they wish to improve or are perhaps having pain or difficulty with. This allows us to see how the body […]

Dr Chris Walker – Osteopath

Posted On: 9/01/18 2:36 PM

chris walker osteopath south melbourne

DR CHRIS WALKER OSTEOPATH Chris Walker osteopath, has developed a passion in the healthcare field, stemming from a keen interest in sports and fitness whilst growing up. Having a great interest in triathlon events has allowed Chris to gain a personal understanding of human movement and physiology. He also has an understanding of people trying […]

Movement preparation for snowboarding

Posted On: 9/01/18 2:34 PM

Movement preparation for snowboarding Movement preparation for snowboarding is a great way to warm up on the way up in the gondola, reduce your risk of injury and make you more comfortable. Why just relax and enjoy the view when heading up in the Gondola, when you can get your Gondola stretches on as movement […]