Guilt free brownies

Posted On: 5/08/20 1:48 AM

Alison Wright’s (Nutritional practitioner) raw chocolate brownie recipe is the ideal treat for those moments in life when all you need is a chocolate fix. These delicious brownies are not only gluten and dairy-free, they are also high in fibre, rich in antioxidants and bursting with good fats. Dates are a natural sweetener packed full of nutritional […]

Rolling with the punches

Posted On: 13/07/20 12:28 AM

Alison Wright, our nutritional practitioner has recently been on Tiffanee Cook’s podcast ‘Rolling with the punches’ discussing all things food….Check it out here: Podcast 1 Podcast 2 Also she has been contributing recipes to the Australian Good Food Guide, like this awesome blueberry breakfast smoothie:

Posted On: 25/06/20 12:21 AM

Alison Wright discusses her path to better nutrition Alison recently featured in an article on Australian Good Food Guide and will be contributing recipes there in the coming months. Check out her first appearance there describing her path to better nutrition. “I thought it was perfectly normal to feel tired, anxious and wired all […]

Core focussed home training

Posted On: 5/03/20 5:34 AM

Home stretching session

Posted On: 4/03/20 5:26 AM

Check out the videos below for some ideas on both static and dynamic stretching. Stop if you experience any discomfort. Incorporating mobility work into a home based training program can be a great way to improve your movement and fitness without needing to have expensive equipment or make time to get to a gym.

Home body weight strength training

Posted On: 3/03/20 5:43 AM

Looking for some ideas on how to do a quick and simple home exercise session without equipment? Here are some easy to follow videos that demonstrate some simple exercises. If you are unaccustomed to exercise perhaps consult with a medical professional before starting. Stop if you are experiencing any undue symptoms. However, if you are […]

Heath Williams on ergonomics.

Posted On: 25/02/20 11:52 PM

Heath Williams of principle four osteopathy in Melbourne, and Corporate Work Health Australia (CWHA) discusses ergonomic principles and tips with Stevan Eskaf on the Challenge Podcast. “Your next posture is your best posture” is a great suggestion put forward regarding focus on regular movement and variable postures rather than staying in one position all day.

Training load management

Posted On: 18/10/19 1:19 AM

‘Training load’ and managing your injury risk. ‘Training load’ refers to the cumulative effect of the amount of training you do and and at what intensity you train during those sessions. An interesting study examined the relationship between training load and injury risk and included athletes of all levels. There’s a link to the article below: […]

Preventing falls in the elderly

Posted On: 25/09/19 9:41 AM

Hello everyone with October arriving next week, we’re going to talk about the older generation of people we are fortunate enough to share this world with. It only seemed fitting given that on the 1st of this month it’s International Day of Older Persons. It’s no secret that the elderly population is growing. People are living longer, and […]

Women’s Health Week

Posted On: 1/09/19 10:00 PM

Happy Women’s Health Week! This year, it runs from the 2nd to the 6th of September, focusing on keeping the lovely ladies in our life happy and healthy. How will you keep happy and healthy this Women’s Health Week? #WomensHealthWeek