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Words matter

Posted On: 23/07/19 4:59 PM

Looking forward to presenting alongside Oliver Thomson in December on effective language, evidence informed practice and movement strategies for the management of patients with low back pain.   for tickets and further information:  

Osteopath Sam Bombos using true stretch

Posted On: 18/02/19 11:42 AM

Osteopath Sam Bombos combining table based and movement oriented approaches to get outcomes for her patients #osteopathsouthmelbourne #functionalrehabilitation #activerehabilatation #stretchcage

Where is Balance Osteopathy?

Posted On: 18/02/19 4:45 AM

Where is Balance Osteopathy? Where is Balance Osteopathy? Balance Osteopathy is centrally located in Melbourne between Sth Melb, Albert Park, Sth Yarra and CBD. #osteopathinmelbourne #osteopathy#osteopathyaustralia . 

Richmond Sports Trainer Chris Walker

Posted On: 17/02/19 4:39 AM

Richmond Sports Trainer Chris Walker balanceosteopathy Richmond Sports Trainer Chris Walker. Osteopath Chris Walker at Balance Osteopathy also works as a sports trainer at Richmond Football Club so will be pitchside tonight. #balanceosteopathy #osteopath#sportstrainer #afl .


Posted On: 15/02/19 4:32 AM

Procedos New toys. Got our procedos mat which helps target movements in an easy structured manner. Great to combine with AFS principles from Gray Institute to better serve our clients. Thanks Lloyd from Train3DAustralia #afs #grayinstitute #3dexercise #trainingsimplified #procedosaustralia#procedosaus #procedos

Osteo Health Cycling Analysis

Posted On: 14/02/19 4:26 AM

Osteo Health Cycling Analysis balanceosteopathy Osteo Health Cycling Analysis…Got my bike fit on yesterday with Tom Barry from Osteo Health in Albury who was presenting at RMIT. Tom has 10+ yrs experience Bike fitting and uses video and biometric analysis systems to assist his process. If you have bought a new bike, changed your bike […]

Task oriented rehabilitation

Posted On: 13/02/19 4:15 AM

Task oriented rehabilitation Task oriented rehabilitation. Fix the shoulder to fix the wrist in the snatch #osteopath #exerciserehab#weightliftingrehab #weightlifting Examine the activity to find the relevant areas to work on and then use task oriented rehabilitation. Working on take off mechanics #osteopath #southmelbourne#runningrehab .

Vegetable intake

Posted On: 12/02/19 4:07 AM

Vegetable intake. Balanceosteopathy Vegetable intake. Repost from @alimentarynutrition @prahranmarket box of fresh veggies $15. How good is that? Are you eating your 5 serves of veggies a day? You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel. 🙂 #prahranmarket #shoplocal#veggies #eatwell #nutrition #energy #goodfood #vegetarian #delicious  

Ergonomic workplace assessment

Posted On: 2/08/18 2:38 AM

Ergonomic workplace assessment Ergonomic workplace assessment… On the road today running ergonomic assessment. We discussed posture and movement advice at an IT consultancy group. #ergonomics #workplacewellness #deskfit #workstationassessment #osteopath #melbourne

Shoulder rehabilitation exercises

Posted On: 26/07/18 12:12 PM

Shoulder rehabilitation exercises Shoulder rehabilitation exercises can be helpful at improving shoulder range of motion and stability.       . .