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Running the Tan

Posted On: 28/12/17 7:22 AM

Running the tan

Running the Tan Our clinic is very near to the botanical gardens and the ‘tan running track’. People often say they are ‘running the tan’ and unless you’ve done it before, or are from Melbourne you may not know what they are on about. This is a popular running track encircling the botanical gardens near […]

Melbourne Strength Movement

Posted On: 12/12/17 11:59 PM

The Melbourne Strength Movement       I recently met up with Michael Grogan who is a strength and conditioning trainer who is running the Melbourne Strength Movement sessions at Crossfit South Yarra on Saturday mornings. Thanks to Osteopath and S&C coach Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy in Melbourne CBD who put us in […]

150 per week

Posted On: 10/11/17 10:43 PM

150 per week…What type of exercise, and how much?   150 per week…”It can be difficult to know how to get started if you don’t regularly exercise. Here we review the best science about how to start an exercise habit, and how to keep it going. The government tells us we should get at least 150 […]

The body is a unit

Posted On: 6/11/17 10:41 PM

The body is a unit This Osteopathic principle of ‘the body is a unit’ describes how you can not affect one part of the body’s function without impacting all other parts. For example anyone who has sprained an ankle before will be aware of how this causes them to limp, increases the energy required to […]

The truth about situps

Posted On: 1/11/17 10:38 PM

The truth about situps Strength coaches and personal trainers have had a love/hate relationship with sit-ups for a long time. In the early years of physical culture these exercises were staples of any fitness program. At one point, people began worrying that sit-ups could cause back problems, and so the exercise was replaced with crunches, […]

GMB Fitness Hip mobility sequence

Posted On: 24/10/17 10:38 PM

GMB Fitness hip mobility sequence video resource Here is another example of some stretches and things you can do to improve hip mobility.       Original Source: Check out GMB Fitness website. Have a go at this hip mobility sequence put together by GMB. The combination of static holds and slow dynamic stretches […]

A Meaningful life

Posted On: 12/10/17 4:47 AM

A Meaningful life Interesting podcast about the benefit of focusing on meaningful moments and seeing value in our lives. What is it to have a ‘meaningful life’? .

Setting goals successfully

Posted On: 4/10/17 12:07 AM

bike fitting Melbourne

In the lead up to the end of the year, and with Spring kicking into gear, we often rethink our health and fitness and institute new goals. You may be putting together a plan to eat a healthier diet, exercise more, learn a new skill or train in preparation for an event. Thinking about how […]

Davey Black Fitness Triathlon Coaching

Posted On: 18/08/17 1:38 AM

Davey Black Fitness Triathlon Club Recently we have been helping some of the people training with Davey Black Fitness in Elsternwick as part of their triathlon training program that performance coach Steve Davis has been co-ordinating. The program involves swim sessions at MSAC, bike and run sessions around Albert Park lake, and gym based sessions […]

The Clever Guts Diet

Posted On: 8/08/17 6:22 AM

nutrition coach melbourne

The clever guts diet “How much do you think about the food you eat and what happens when it gets to your gut and how it may affect your health?. He sets the record straight on prebiotics, probiotics, fermented foods and fasting in his new book The Clever Guts Diet. Well Dr Michael Mosley swallowed a […]