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Training load management

Posted On: 18/10/19 1:19 AM

‘Training load’ and managing your injury risk. ‘Training load’ refers to the cumulative effect of the amount of training you do and and at what intensity you train during those sessions. An interesting study examined the relationship between training load and injury risk and included athletes of all levels. There’s a link to the article below: […]

Melbourne Strength Movement

Posted On: 12/12/17 11:59 PM

The Melbourne Strength Movement       I recently met up with Michael Grogan who is a strength and conditioning trainer who is running the Melbourne Strength Movement sessions at Crossfit South Yarra on Saturday mornings. Thanks to Osteopath and S&C coach Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy in Melbourne CBD who put us in […]

The truth about situps

Posted On: 1/11/17 10:38 PM

The truth about situps Strength coaches and personal trainers have had a love/hate relationship with sit-ups for a long time. In the early years of physical culture these exercises were staples of any fitness program. At one point, people began worrying that sit-ups could cause back problems, and so the exercise was replaced with crunches, […]

GMB Fitness Hip mobility sequence

Posted On: 24/10/17 10:38 PM

GMB Fitness hip mobility sequence video resource Here is another example of some stretches and things you can do to improve hip mobility.       Original Source: Check out GMB Fitness website. Have a go at this hip mobility sequence put together by GMB. The combination of static holds and slow dynamic stretches […]

Davey Black Fitness Triathlon Coaching

Posted On: 18/08/17 1:38 AM

Davey Black Fitness Triathlon Club Recently we have been helping some of the people training with Davey Black Fitness in Elsternwick as part of their triathlon training program that performance coach Steve Davis has been co-ordinating. The program involves swim sessions at MSAC, bike and run sessions around Albert Park lake, and gym based sessions […]

Calf dynamic stretch

Posted On: 10/07/17 5:17 AM

Calf dynamic stretch A great way to reduce calf tightness is with a calf dynamic stretch. Check out this video from Balance Osteopathy Melbourne. Soleus tri-plane dynamic stretch using knee driver #mycalfistight #grayinstitute #osteopathsouthmelbourne #mobility #stretches A post shared by Ben McChesney (@balanceosteopathy) on Jul 9, 2017 at 9:15pm PDT Click here to Follow us on […]

Neuroscientist Exercises to better brain health

Posted On: 26/05/16 6:16 AM

Neuroscientist Exercises to better brain health A neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki discusses her return to regular exercise and how it affects her brain function. Interesting to hear some of the neural changes and how they relate to mood and memory changes… A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed  

5 ways to live longer

Posted On: 13/04/16 4:00 AM

5 ways to live longer 5 ways to live longer…In Good health magazine May 2016, an article discussing Dr Sanjiv Chopra’s new book “the big 5”, explains how drinking coffee, keeping up Vitamin D levels, exercising, eating nuts and meditating are key to greater longevity and vitality. 1. Dr Chopra, professor of medicine and brother […]

Exercise pregnancy

Posted On: 6/02/16 12:07 AM

Exercise pregnancy Interesting article on advice for exercise pregnancy: “Should women exercise during and after pregnancy?” “In the absence of specific national recommendations for pregnancy and after giving birth, otherwise healthy women are advised to follow national physical activity recommendations for Australian adults. This includes accumulating 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. Any activities or […]

Getting back into running

Posted On: 5/02/15 12:21 AM

Getting back into running Getting back into running Injury Tip One – Increase Slowly: Many people get so excited by the warmer weather and impatient at their slow progress that they go from 3 months on the lounge to attempting a marathon in 4 weeks – this is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you increase […]