Davey Black Fitness

Davey Black Fitness Triathlon Club

Recently we have been helping some of the people training with Davey Black Fitness in Elsternwick as part of their triathlon training program that performance coach Steve Davis has been co-ordinating. The program involves swim sessions at MSAC, bike and run sessions around Albert Park lake, and gym based sessions in the Davey Black Fitness centre:

Address: 244 Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick, VIC 3185

Contact: 0432 207 033  info@daveyblackfitness.com

Business Hours: 6am – 10pm

If you are interested in trying out a triathlon, I can highly recommend their services. The gym based sessions also include ‘Black Yoga’ a modified yoga/mobility workout that has a lot of clever strategies behind what they do in the session, as well as another strength focussed session again with some intelligent design relative to the tasks of the triathlete.

When people transition into a new training regimen, sometimes stiffnesses or limitations of movement become evident and can manifest as some areas of pain, discomfort or perhaps just reduced stability and ease of movement. This can impair training progression sometimes, and this is where our functional osteopathic rehabilitation can be of help.

At Balance Osteopathy, we use a movement based approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. This enables us to remain close to the task (e.g. running, riding, swimming) in how we assess, so that also the changes we get transfer effectively into better movement that is relevant (e.g. it no longer hurts to run, or performance improves).

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