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I recently met up with Michael Grogan who is a strength and conditioning trainer who is running the Melbourne Strength Movement sessions at Crossfit South Yarra on Saturday mornings. Thanks to Osteopath and S&C coach Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy in Melbourne CBD who put us in touch.

“I want to share my knowledge in bodyweight strength training and help you realise your strength potential. Each session has a focus building mobility and length, bodyweight strength using gymnastics strength training and conditioning exercises to burn fat.”

When? Saturday Mornings 11:15am-12:15pm starting again January 13th 2018

Where? Crossfit South Yarra (google link here)

What to expect? Big session! Focussing on building bodyweight strength/intensity using Rings, Parallel Bars, the Barbell and Handstands.

What are the benefits? Gain Core Strength, Upper-Body Strength, Increase levels of mobility and burn fat!

Bio – Michael Grogan

Michael focuses on developing body mobility and strength by using principles from gymnastics and Olympic lifting, combining them with conditioning and full body workouts.

After trying a “no pain, no gain” mindset in his early career, he found out his body was literally giving up on him.  As such he has taken a fresh approach to his training.  He now brings his clients on a different fitness journey, focusing on building stronger and more flexible bodies with solid foundations and movement skills.

Michael uses training as a vehicle to help people break down mental barriers they have placed on themselves through social conditioning and their background. Specifically self confidence and self-belief.

He does this by developing the physical body using tools from 3 disciplines: Gymnastics Strength Training, Advanced Mobility and Barbell Strength & Power.

They have just finished up for the year but check it out and perhaps consider this for the new year as a weekly session to get you moving and strong. Michael can be contacted here:

Michael Grogan Movement
+61 405 454 330
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