Running analysis, mass and momentum

Posted On: 15/05/17 4:30 PM

running injuries

Running analysis, mass and momentum Is Running really that different to walking? When running, the compressive load on our lower limb increases exponentially, when compared to walking. When doing running analysis we need to be aware of these differences and use strategies of assessment that keep the movements being tested close to the actual task […]


Posted On: 8/05/17 9:17 AM

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How does gravity as relate to rehabilitation? We all know function occurs in an environment where gravity works for us (helps us roll down hill on our bikes) and against us (pushes down on us when rising up from a seated or squat position). Our muscles operate in synergy to allow us to move in […]

Moving in 3D

Posted On: 2/05/17 1:55 AM

3d functional stretching

Moving in 3D When we reach for something, lunge, participate in an activity, our body is moving in 3D or dimensions. We do not just move in a forward backward motion, but side to side, and rotation as well. Even if the movement is aimed at moving us forward, if we watch from above (e.g. […]

Bionic Spine could use thought to control limbs

Posted On: 8/02/16 10:01 PM

Bionic Spine could use thought to control limbs Bionic Spine: It’s amazing the level of development in this field of science. The interface between mind and movement to be bridged by technology is a signicant step forward… The “‘Bionic spine’ could enable paralysed patients to walk using subconscious thought… “Australian scientists hope that a tiny […]

Golf Enhancement Session

Posted On: 10/02/14 1:14 PM

Golf Enhancement Golf Enhancement Getting back into the swing of golf this year? At Balance Osteopathy we offer Golf Enhancement sessions which focus on increasing mobility in areas where you may have an injury, restrictions or tightnesses that may affect your golf swing without you being aware of this. For example, ankle mobility issues may […]

Functional Bike Fit

Posted On: 5/02/14 10:30 AM

  Getting into riding or recently got a new bike for commuting or weekend blitz’s? Getting setup properly and ensuring you have adequate flexibility for the individual setup of your bike and the way you ride may help reduce the risk of discomfort or injury when you get cranking. At Balance Osteopathy, by using a […]

Bike fitting

Posted On: 16/04/13 2:46 PM

Bike fitting Bike fitting…Having your bike correctly set up can improve efficiency and reduce injury risk. An often overlooked area of bike fitting is the pedal interface and represents an area where adjustments in the frontal, transverse and sagittal plane positioning of the cleat can establish an effective base for propulsion. During cycling the movements […]