How does gravity as relate to rehabilitation?

We all know function occurs in an environment where gravity works for us (helps us roll down hill on our bikes) and against us (pushes down on us when rising up from a seated or squat position).

Our muscles operate in synergy to allow us to move in the most efficient way possible within the context of the task (e.g. hitting a tennis forehand), the environment (surfaces, lighting, ground reaction of our body and GRAVITY…etc), our own biomechanics and many other converging influences (e.g. motivation, emotional state).

This is why when treating someone for a musculoskeletal pain, at Balance Osteopathy we always want to know what the task is (e.g. walking, sitting working at your desk, gardening, sport, lifting… etc.) you are involved in so we can work on you in relevant positions and movements.

We may still utilise a table based approach for some of the treatment with hands on myofascial release work, mobilisation, manipulative techniques, but it will be with the biomechanics and context of the activity in mind.

We will also transition often to more upright, or activity specific positions and use dynamic movement based rehabilitation, facilitated stretching techniques and movements that look and feel like the activity you want to return to or improve.

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