Running analysis, mass and momentum

Is Running really that different to walking?

When running, the compressive load on our lower limb increases exponentially, when compared to walking. When doing running analysis we need to be aware of these differences and use strategies of assessment that keep the movements being tested close to the actual task of running.

While some similarities exist, the way our muscles function in running is very different to walking. Running is a more plyometric. An elastic bounce-like type reaction of the muscles due to the float and single leg landing occurs in running.

If the body’s reaction between gravity and the ground is not ideal during running and causing low back pain for example, we need to see the running motion to know how, when and where this is occurring to be able to help restore optimum function.

This is why at Balance Osteopathy we will often do a running video analysis as part of more extensive functional movement testing in the clinic when working out how best to deal with running injuries.

We also will also utilise running type positions as part of the movement based therapy in our stretch station.

running analysis

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