Moving in 3D

When we reach for something, lunge, participate in an activity, our body is moving in 3D or dimensions. We do not just move in a forward backward motion, but side to side, and rotation as well. Even if the movement is aimed at moving us forward, if we watch from above (e.g. in walking) we can see lots of rotation going on through the body at the same time.

We move in 3D.

moving in 3d

For treatment to result in better movement for you, we need to emulate this in the strategies we employ for rehabilitation.

By challenging your system to deal with slightly different variations on a theme such as when stepping forward and reaching to pick something up, we can create a ‘buffer’ or zone of movement where we know you can be successful at completing the task.

This is why at Balance Osteopathy we often will use different foot, hand or body positions, when getting someone to move to work on this variability. Amongst other things, we will tend to change the height and direction used in movements to enhance your ability to complete an action.


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