Running the Tan

Our clinic is very near to the botanical gardens and the ‘tan running track’. People often say they are ‘running the tan’ and unless you’ve done it before, or are from Melbourne you may not know what they are on about. This is a popular running track encircling the botanical gardens near Melbourne CBD. It has beautiful views of the city over the Yarra River and lovely leafy trees line the track itself.

At 3.5km it’s the perfect distance for a midday lunch break jog, or early morning or evening running session. It also has a decent hill on Anderson Street for those keen to challenge their fitness on an uphill section or increase speed downhill. Also the remainder of the track has a gradual incline so you can either choose an easy gradual downhill jog, or slow uphill grind depending on what your training requirements are for the session.

Great to see all types of people running the tan and engaging in activity.

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