Body weight exercises

Body weight exercises.


According to ‘Dr Axe’…

“If you knew that there was something completely free, totally accessible no matter where you are, and proven to benefit your sleep, metabolism, bones, immunity and mood — wouldn’t you be willing to give it a try? Then bodyweight exercises should be right in your wheelhouse.

Despite the fact that the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that strength training become an integral part of every adult’s fitness program in order to get the most benefits of exercise, most people still don’t take advantage of all that strength-building exercises have to offer. (1) Because people usually cite reasons like a lack of time, no gym membership or not knowing how to use weight machines properly as obstacles to strength training, here’s an idea: Simply do bodyweight exercises instead!”

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Here are a few tips on how to effectively execute some body weight exercises either in the gym or at home.

The reverse lunge is great for loading the lower limb muscles. It also lengthens the quadriceps and hip flexor muscles that often become short and tight from sitting for long periods.

.Reverse lunge

Push ups

body weight exercises

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