Welcome to Balance Osteopathy

Welcome to Balance Osteopathy…

Balance Osteopathy

We are a clinic focussed on rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries to get you moving again. These injuries cause painful joints or muscles-either over the short or long term.

We can also help improve your performance in activities you enjoy. Whether it be getting some gardening done, going for your daily stroll, playing tennis, preparing for a marathon or other sporting event.

Most movements we make demand a sequence of movement to occur right through the whole body. For example, reaching forward while standing with the right hand will require your torso to rotate to the left, and even a reaction down to your feet.

Because of this, limitations in any parts of the body (e.g. your back) can increase strain on other areas (e.g. cause shoulder pain) during normal everyday movements.

By identifying these problem areas and rectifying this with Osteopathic treatment of the body as a unit and functional rehabilitation we can reduce your symptoms to get you moving again. And more importantly we can remove the cause to prevent the pain from coming back again.

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