A 1974 study by Toyoshima and colleagues discussed by Ola Eriksud of 3D Functional Perspectives notes.. “As motion in the lower extremity and trunk was restricted speed of the ball decreased by 60% when throwing.”

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This finding illuminates an obvious but often neglected consideration in training and rehabilitation of shoulder dysfunction. Even cursory examination of the picture above shows that the pelvis moves before the upper limb in this action- a phenomenon Gary Gray & David Tiberio of the grayinstitute describe as ‘proximal acceleration’.

At Balance Osteopathy, we use functional manual reaction techniques, and dynamic multi planar movements to facilitate improved ability of the pelvis to move in three dimensions relative to the movements of the shoulder when treating shoulder pain or attempting to improve performance of actions (which may be limited by pain, poor integration of the shoulder to pelvis motions…etc).

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