Thirst 4 Walking

Thirst 4 Walking

Matt Harris and myself are running Thirst 4 Walking on Saturday and Sunday May 3rd and 4th at Balance Osteopathy in Melbourne.

Check out the website for further details…

Thirst 4 Function’s Level 1 provides a unique approach to injury resolution and prevention during a 2 day workshop.

This workshop aims to encourage the use of gait specific biomechanics in the assessment and treatment of patients. It focuses on the function of the lower limbs in gait and how dysfunctional patterns can lead to musculoskeletal disorders both ‘up and down the chain’.

Designed specifically for physiotherapists, osteopaths and other manual medicine practitioners, the workshop is taught in an interactive and dynamic fashion with attendees encouraged to participate in the numerous labs and technique sessions. The workshop serves as the foundation to a three part series and is based on the most current research regarding motor patterning and biomechanics of gait.

Here is a link to a video of Gary Gray discussing creating motion in the thoracic spine to give you an idea of what we mean by a ‘functional’ approach to assessment and rehabilitation.

Hope to see some of you at our course soon.

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