Strongest woman event

Claire recently competed and got 6th place in the Victoria’s strongest woman event after starting training only in early 2017. We have been working to improve squat biomechanics. Great to see someone pushing their abilities and getting results. #faireffort #strongestwoman #osteopathy #functionalrehab

Strongest woman“Featuring the strongest men & women in the country. Australia’s Strongest Man & Woman is an invitational event that sees the competitors battle it out to earn a ticket to the coveted Arnold Pro Strongman along with the title of Australia’s Strongest Man or Woman.

This years competition will see the competitors challenged over 8 gruelling events. From staple events such as pulling trucks, pressing giant logs overhead and lifting heavy stones to some less familiar events this year the athletes will be pushed to their limits in an effort to earn the title of Australia’s Strongest Man and Woman.” source

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