Sam Bombos, osteopath at Balance Osteopathy has zipped over to Oslo, Norway to learn more about pain from some leaders in the field at the recent PainCloud seminar. Here are some of her thoughts from the experience…

“Fatigued, dazed and amazed; after over 25 hours of flying I was finally in Norway.

Heading through immigration at Oslo Airport, the officer asked me: ‘what’s your reason for visiting Norway?’

I replied: ‘I’m going to a pain conference’

‘That sounds horrible!’

Just how wrong he was.

The PainCloud Conference was a confluence of great minds in both presenter and attendee.   Presenters were  a blend of both researcher and clinician (see the list and check out their work here).    Here’s a few take home messages from the land of salmon, hiking and nature.

Pain; we all experience it at some point, making it very common, yet our understanding of said complex process is in its infancy.

It is an exciting time to be in this space with fascinating research and very clever clinicians asking critical questions, all creating change.

I met some very bright, insightful and reflective individuals who are all curious about pain; why do some people experience pain and others do not?  Why do some people experience persistent pain?  What is a pain experience?

What understanding pain requires is you.  You, the individual experiencing pain, to get curious and want to explore and understand your own narrative.

Pain is not the enemy.  It is not something we are at war with.  Pain is a protector.   Sometimes, it does too good of a job. We need to understand what we are trying to protect. ”

Sam Bombos.

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