Nutritional practitioner Alison Wright chats to trainer Tiffanee&Co

Check out the great Q&A session Alison Wright, our nutritional practitioner at Balance Osteopathy, did with Tiffanee from Tiffaneeandco training









Here is a snippet of the interview from Tiffany&Co’s website blog:

“Today I want to share with you a Q&A with Ali around the topic of nutrition and the profound effect it has on our immune system, recovery, performance and behaviour.  I hope that you all take something beneficial away from what she has shared with us.


What we eat provides our body with the nutrients it needs to function – the better the nutrition, the better our body will function.”… click the link to read more..!Alimentary-QA-5-Tips-For-Staying-Healthy-When-Training-Hard/ry91d/565aa9c10cf277f55b329491




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