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Osteopath Heath Williams (Principle Four Osteopathy in the CBD) and I recently attended an introductory powerlifting course with Martyn Girvan, a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Owner of Elite Sports Performance located in Spotswood.

Martyn broke down the bench press, squat and deadlift into easy to understand components that when added together amounted to a reasonably good technique (mine struggled) but more importantly a safe one.

Prior to this, Heath and I were also taken through a series of movement pre-screens, followed by specific isometric stretches using powerbands to ensure we were warmed up and had sufficient mobility for the lifts.

Martyn also covered some aspects of program design and has a great training program setup that people can get involved in after the course should they wish to progress their training in a high facility.

For therapists or trainers wishing to improve their knowledge and confidence with weight lifting, I would highly recommend this course. www.elitesportsperformance.com.au

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