Guilt free brownies

Posted On: 5/08/20 1:48 AM

Alison Wright’s (Nutritional practitioner) raw chocolate brownie recipe is the ideal treat for those moments in life when all you need is a chocolate fix. These delicious brownies are not only gluten and dairy-free, they are also high in fibre, rich in antioxidants and bursting with good fats. Dates are a natural sweetener packed full of nutritional […]

Core focussed home training

Posted On: 5/03/20 5:34 AM

Home stretching session

Posted On: 4/03/20 5:26 AM

Check out the videos below for some ideas on both static and dynamic stretching. Stop if you experience any discomfort. Incorporating mobility work into a home based training program can be a great way to improve your movement and fitness without needing to have expensive equipment or make time to get to a gym.

Home body weight strength training

Posted On: 3/03/20 5:43 AM

Looking for some ideas on how to do a quick and simple home exercise session without equipment? Here are some easy to follow videos that demonstrate some simple exercises. If you are unaccustomed to exercise perhaps consult with a medical professional before starting. Stop if you are experiencing any undue symptoms. However, if you are […]

Preventing falls in the elderly

Posted On: 25/09/19 9:41 AM

Hello everyone with October arriving next week, we’re going to talk about the older generation of people we are fortunate enough to share this world with. It only seemed fitting given that on the 1st of this month it’s International Day of Older Persons. It’s no secret that the elderly population is growing. People are living longer, and […]

150 per week

Posted On: 10/11/17 10:43 PM

150 per week…What type of exercise, and how much?   150 per week…”It can be difficult to know how to get started if you don’t regularly exercise. Here we review the best science about how to start an exercise habit, and how to keep it going. The government tells us we should get at least 150 […]

Challenge Melbourne 

Posted On: 7/04/17 12:12 AM

Challenge Melbourne Challenge Melbourne …Balance Osteopathy wishes Brian the best of luck for his event on Sunday. He has put in a fantastic preparation effort in training and managed to come back from a calf strain in the later stages of this. Well done and enjoy the race on Sunday. ” return to Melbourne’s favourite […]

Osteopath Carl Ridgeway discusses his approach to chronic pain

Posted On: 26/09/16 7:05 AM

Osteopath Carl Ridgeway approach to chronic pain Recently we held an evening seminar at Balance Osteopathy as part of this years learning pod series with osteopath Carl Ridgeway discussing how applies his knowledge of chronic pain science in practice. The central processing of pain, especially in chronic pain cases convolutes the treatment process and requires […]

Osteopathic functional rehabilitation

Posted On: 6/09/16 12:58 PM

Osteopathic functional rehabilitation Osteopathic Functional Rehabilitation, is an effective merging of hands-on-techniques and movement. This aims to help you get moving your best. We aim to get you out of discomfort and pain and moving again as quickly as possible. Osteopathic functional rehabilitation focusses on returning your movement to a state in which it can […]

Early bed

Posted On: 10/04/16 5:00 AM

Early bed According to Good Health magazine, (May 2016), by listening to your biological clock and going to an early bed time when you feel sleepy, your body is better able to regulate your blood sugar and this may help reduce your risk of diabetes. When you resist sleep your body has to release more […]