Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

Workplace ergonomic

workplace ergonomic

We can offer onsite workplace ergonomic assessment and advice. This involves assessment of office workers desk, chair and computer setup, posture and stretching advice and reporting.

Osteopaths in-depth knowledge of biomechanics can tailor advice to the individual to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk in a timely and cost efficient way. Reporting includes adjustments made, recommendations of potential items for supporting posture and an outline of advice.

Implementing an onsite ergonomic assessment in your business can reduce costly absenteeism, improve productivity and reduce the risk of repetitive strain type musculoskeletal injury development by improving worker’s workstation posture and educating them on risk reduction strategies.

Manual Handling Training

workplace ergonomic

Do your staff engage in manual handling tasks?

We can take them through an informative practical workshop that links anatomy and biomechanics of lifting and moving items to effective strategies for doing these tasks safely. Manual handling training is an essential element to reducing musculoskeletal injury risk for your staff and making them aware of how to conduct manual tasks safely and efficiently.

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