Knee pain treatment

knee pain treatment

Common knee injuries include

  • patellofemoral pain or patellar maltracking syndrome
  • meniscal tears
  • meniscal sprains
  • post surgical meniscus rehabiliation
  • ligament sprains
  • tendonopathy or tendon injuries such as ‘runners knee’ (ITB etc.)
  • anterior cruciate strains, ruptures, post – operative reconditioning
  • posterior cruciate injury

With knee injuries diagnosis is key. At Balance Osteopathy Melbourne, we use an extensive case history and local orthopaedic tests to determine the most likely diagnosis or tissue injury that has occurred. If needed we may also refer of for imaging or a specialist opinion to confirm. We then use global functional movement tests to find the cause of the tissue breakdown (unless due to local trauma, tackle etc.) and then decipher how to re-establish successful movements and support tissue healing with your knee pain treatment and rehabilitation program.

At Balance Osteopathy we can help you get out of pain and moving again with individualised Osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation programs.