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Dr Ben McChesney – Osteopath

Posted On: 8/02/18 5:16 AM

osteopath ben Mcchesney

Dr Ben McChesney – (Osteopath) BSc. B.App. Sc. (Osteopathy), MSc. Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation, MAOA, FAFS Ben McChesney osteopath, is the founder of Balance Osteopathy. As an Australian trained Osteopath (RMIT 2002) with over 15 years experience, his past experiences within progressive, movement oriented, multidisciplinary clinics fostered a desire to custom a similar progressive space […]

Dr Sam Bombos – Osteopath

Posted On: 27/01/14 4:29 AM

Dr Sam Bombos – (Osteopath) BSc(ClinSc), MHSc(Osteo),  MOA Sam Bombos – Prior Studies and experience: One of Sam’s fondest memories was collecting the “Your Human Body” magazine series: this sparked her initial fascination and curiosity for the human form. Fast forward, and Sam has now been working for several years as Australian-trained osteopath, following the […]

Alison Wright – Nutritional Practitioner

Posted On: 26/01/14 4:21 AM

Alison Wright – Nutritional Practitioner Originally from Leeds, England, Alison comes to Balance Osteopathy with a background in corporate management and unhealthy lifestyles. After thriving on the stress of working for newspapers in a highly pressurised environment for many years, the thrill of the daily deadline started to lose its lustre. A developing interest in […]