Caitlin Cooper – Osteopath

Posted On: 9/08/23 2:36 AM

Osteopath near Middle Park

Caitlin Cooper – Osteopath Caitlin is an Australian trained Osteopath who started her career in health by obtaining a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2017. Motivated by her clients’ progress and her growing passion for holistic health care, Caitlin commenced a degree in Osteopathy at Victoria University in 2019.  Caitlin believes in fostering an environment […]

Ben McChesney – Osteopath

Posted On: 8/02/18 5:16 AM

Ben McChesney – Osteopath Ben McChesney is Australian trained osteopath (RMIT 2002), and founder of Balance Osteopathy. His background in progressive, movement oriented, multidisciplinary clinics fostered a desire to custom a similar space in Melbourne. Ben had 6 years in London, helping clients and athletes at Pure Sports Medicine, Harrods occupational health department and other clinics. […]

Alison Wright – Nutritional Practitioner

Posted On: 26/01/14 4:21 AM

Osteopath near Prahran

Alison Wright – Nutritional Practitioner Originally from Leeds, England, Alison comes to Balance Osteopathy with a background in corporate management and unhealthy lifestyles. After thriving on the stress of working for newspapers in a highly pressurised environment for many years, the thrill of the daily deadline started to lose its lustre. A developing interest in […]